Hi, I’m Benjamin Stewart.

I remember sitting in my office right off music row in downtown Nashville, wondering – what do I LOVE to do.  What part of my job do I find the most pleasure in, and have the most success? Here I am, a certified coach, an experience CEO, a pastor, a father, and an entrepreneur… but who am I?

I struggled with these questions because all my life I have been on a life-evolution of sorts.  Moving up in the “ranks”, having great successes in strategic development within my own organization but also within organizations all around the world.  And up to a point, I would feel so blessed! However, there was this stirring on the inside of me –  while having led and served amazing ministries and businesses, amazing people and staff, as well as this amazing country – I knew that I needed to isolate, expose and work on my strengths.  

I have learned that a strength isn’t just what you are strong at, it has to fulfill these three things; 

1 – Time passes when you are doing it

2 – You can’t wait to do it again

3 – When you are done you may be physically or emotionally exhausted, but you feel ALIVE!

Sounds a lot like “really living”…

And that is what I was reflecting on in my life.

Where am I strong?  What is it that I love to do that makes me feel strong?

Or another way of knowing is… Ask yourself – Where are the areas that people look at me and say… Thank you

We all have those areas, those places where we FEEL strong, where we feel like we are operating in how we were designed.

But, if you are like I was – then you aren’t really using your strength that much. 

John Maxwell gave me the freedom to grow when he told me, “Quit trying to make your weaknesses become your strengths.  You are going against the way that God has made you.  Instead – just learn how to manage weaknesses, and invest your time in your strengths.”

When you manage your weaknesses and invest in your strengths, you will grow in your purpose…

It’s really a simple formula when you think about it (And I am all about simple!)

Let’s take out “in your purpose”… and let’s think about it.

By God’s design, when you are operating in your strengths, you are walking out His design for you, right?

Here is the new simple formula

Manage weaknesses + operate in strengths = Explosive growth in WHO you are called to be!

So, with this new formula for growth, I began a journey to do what I am best at.


Why is it important for you to know my strengths?  It will give you an idea of how our relationship will be formed, how I find success and grow, and how detailed you can get with your own strengths

Strength 1: LOVE PEOPLE

I truly love people. 

I was sitting down with a CEO in his office this past year and we were talking about his business (in light of a Peer Group we are forming) and he stopped himself in mid-sentence.  Leaned forward and turned his head slightly to the side.  Staring at me – – – then he sits back in his office chair and has this big smile. 

He asks me, “Can I get off the subject for just a minute?”

“Please,” I said in response. 

He said, “In my 25 years of business ownership, I’ve never had anyone sit across from me and really care about me.” 

He said to me, “you truly care about my success and you don’t even know me yet”. 

It was the first of many meetings with him, and many more to come.




I have a passion for setting others up for a win. 

It is a PASSION. Over the years of being a CEO and an Executive Pastor, I have learned a lot about the opportunities for selfishness, and have taken up on those opportunities early on in my career. 

But there was a heart change about 15 years ago when I realized that the greatest sacrifice that Jesus made was not on the cross (albeit the pain, the suffering, the brutality of beating, ridicule, mocking and death are more than any of us have lived or died through).  His greatest sacrifice was having to live 32 years of sacrifice.  Any one can sacrifice for a moment, but can we live a life for others? 

If I was going to really invest in the lives of others, I would have to learn how to die to self for others. 

I had the most amazing compliment from a Billionaire friend of mine –

“Ben’s work is stellar. He is sought after by any and all when it comes to projects that require our best minds. He is relentless, his integrity outstanding. He reminds me of the Ronald Reagan quote that goes something like “there is no limit to what someone can accomplish when they don’t care who gets the credit”.  – Stan Goudeau

Strength 3: Knack for Growth SYSTEMS

As much as I love people and love to see them succeed, I have just as much passion for having a system to make growth achievable, accountable and set up for success.  

One of the greatest men to ever walk this planet is my dad – and he taught me this lesson early on when I was in college.  Dad had just retired from the US ARMY after 26 years (at the age of 46) and he was back in college too, along with working a minimum wage job.  He was taking only 1 or 2 classes a semester and I was baffled about why he would even bother. 

So, in my infinite wisdom I told him, “Dad, if you are only taking 1 to 2 classes a semester, it could take you 10 years to graduate.” 

I can still hear his response and see his determined face as he locked eyes with me. 

“Ben, Ten years will pass.  I can either have a degree in that time, or not.  I choose to have the degree”. 

Guess what?

Time is going to pass. 

You can have your goals achieved in that time, or you can still be in the same place, doing the same thing.  But time will pass.


What are you strengths?
What is your growth path?

That is why I am here, and that is why I am pouring my energy into the lives of other people. My strengths are loving people, setting them up for success, and developing the systems that produce growth. I have done it for myself, I have done it for my family, for staff and for entire organizations.

I’ll never forget the morning I woke up and felt like I was actually getting closer to my dreams.

I’ll never forget the morning I stepped onto the scale and saw that I had lost 15 pounds in just two weeks.

Or the picture from Cambodia, where we designed a church level growth plan, of the site map for their now 30 churches around the country.

Now I want to do this with you.

Get connected – not to a large email list – but to me.  Simply fill out the form and I will personally email you to see how you are doing and how we can connect.