Here it goes…
Its the beginning of the year and if we are in our natural state of wanting to “improve” then we have been looking at what we need the most.  For some we have decided our health will finally be important, or at least important longer than it was last year.  Or maybe we want to further our education, or be a better parent and spouse – whatever it is, I believe there is something that we have to realize.

We have to ask ourselves if we are in deep?

I believe we have an epidemic of leading change in others or ourselves from a shallow position.  Sure, it feels like plenty of resource to start, but the fact is that when we have to dig deep (and we all will) is there anything to draw from?  Is there any investment equity to grow from?

  1. We quit because we have lost the resource inside of us to keep going.
  2. Whether that is physical, or mental or emotional…or…
  3. Spiritual...

I liken it to the idea of a well.  Like a well that we dig in order to have water for our home and farm.  There are a lot of benefits to having a deep well.
1 – Dependable water source when you are pulling from the bottom of an underground water source.  It is in that place that no matter the variance in water (because external conditions will not always be favorable), we will always have a source of water.  In other words, it will never get too low that our reach is not able to get to it.
2 – Cleaner water – think of a puddle versus a deep river.  Puddles basically carry lots of “stuff” in them – mud, bacteria.  There is not insource or outsourcing when the water is shallow.  However when you pull from water that has gone through 100’s of feet of soil and natural filtering, the nutrient and richness of the water is better for you.
3 – Ample Supply – I never get worried when we have a community event at the house, whether or not we will have enough water.  I may wonder if we have enough toilets, but water – given.  I have a deep well that has more water than I will ever need.  When our well is deep, we have enough water for ourselves and those around us.

Back to change:

In order for us to succeed in anything that God has challenged us to go, our first step is dig deep. It should be that we are seeking to get to the source as deep as we can.  It set’s the stage for alway providing the source that we will need when our thirst is overwhelming, when our mind or body is suffering from fatigue, when our goals seem to take longer than expected.

Dig Deep – make the depth of our relationship with God the primary source for our energy and refreshment.
Don’t settle for city water that everyone drinks from and requires chemicals to make consumable.
Don’t settle for a limited supply of “water bottles”.

Create room for God provide rivers of living water into your soul and you will be able to conquer, become disciplined, and walk out the promises that God has given you.

Go dig deep!