Ever want to just DO something as a family?
Something that will make a difference, what will cause your kids to work together on a project?
Well, let’s just say that we jumped into something that I believe will work out the sanctification process in all of us – start a family band.  Now we are not booking anything yet, since we just started learning all these new instruments for the first time.  However, we did it – we went all in and as a family decided to learn how to be a band together.
I have a LOT of band experience, between being an event coordinator, being a band pastor for several CCM top bands, being an arbitrator for CCM bands (don’t ask), and even leading a band back when I was in college (CD’s are rare so don’t look for it).  So, I know the amazing challenge and growth that comes with working with each other in a band…. so we said, lets start our own Stewart Family Band.
How did we do it?

  1. Well, basically we asked everyone if they were willing to give it a try… yes!
  2. Then we asked what style would they want to learn and focus on to start… Bluegrass (for those that know me, know that I do not listen to bluegrass music – but HEY, it’s not about me)
  3. Then we purchased all the bluegrass instruments that we can imagine and celebrated Christmas this year giving each other family band instruments (one of the benefits of my children not being obsessed with media and whatever the latest trends may be).

Seven instruments later and a lot of fun learning how to tune, play chords, play rhythm, how to play softer – we are a band.
The best part, only 4 days after Christmas the girls of the family sat down and played Oceans for Nili and I.  The two younger were playing percussion and drums, and the two older were alternating between banjo, mandolin and uke.
Yes we are strange
Yes we go for it
Yes we love our life
(now if I can just talk to the amazing 4h kid who gave asher the trap set – drums)
Much love and love God!