Galatians 6:17 From henceforth let no man trouble (to exhibit or offer on one’s own part) me : for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.
Wow – If I just get a hold of the insignificance of the opinion of others, and the lack of control that opinion has – then I would bear the marks of the Lord Jesus. But if I am worried, caught up in, or concerning myself with man in the sense of how it effects me – the I am bearing the marks of myself. God, let me never put myself in that position – my relationships and conversations are not for me, they are for you to be seen, glorified and for people to see the GOOD works and…. GLORIFY GOD. Defensiveness is birthed out of a desire for self, offensiveness is birthed out of a desire for self. So what is God – selflessness.
God help me to live selflessly. Why do I fall into the trap of pleasing man, except that I am looking for personal feel good approval. What you sent me to do is irregardless of man’s opinion, but rather it is above and beneath the opinion of man. You give me charge, and man becomes my point of servitude. If remove myself, then I am truly being used as Christ – but if I gain… then it is loss. Wow, Paul you had this spot-on. I have to count my gains as losses or else I am working for me. For to live (for God and serving man) and to die (to flesh) is gain.
You are such a rewarder and encourager. Thank You God for sending Your Holy Spirit to speak to me and lead me. Thank You for sending Your son to give me this incredible relationship and to be my covering. Thank You for calling me Your son and trusting me in my untrustworthiness. I am amazed at the opportunity ahead of me, and the humility of the charge and mission. Let me be a better sacrificial servant – passionately pursuing YOU, and silently serving MAN.
Make me the unseen warrior that creates success for others!
I love You so much and thank YOU for loving me.
Lead me today – I am Yours