Biggest change I’ve made in 2017 so far is…


Get ready for it

I’ve deleted every video entertainment and game entertainment from my phone. 

Yep – that’s it.

May not sound like much to others but I am stoked. No more wasted time on silly games or letting big myself be entertained with meaningless time wasting tv or movies on my phone.  

Now for the disclaimer:  I am not even a gamer, nor do I watch much TV – I am simply ready to remove any distraction.  The little bit I found myself engaging in, was taking away from the things that I love the most.  My top ten things in life should occupy my time, not something that is meaningless.

I want to be here

I want to live in the world I touch and feel

I want to be present with the people I am around.

I want to invest in things that actually change and make a difference, not better my highest score.

So that’s the biggest change so far 🙂

Stay tuned for the next BIG change!