Part 2: I already took care of that!

I don’t remember the day or even the year, but I do remember the moment.

It was very clear as Dad asked me to take a walk with him.

You know, THAT walk…

We were living in Schweinfurt, Germany at the time and Dad and I walked out towards the soccer fields located just outside of our apartments.  It was “the talk” but this was different than what I have heard that other dad’s did.  My dad started telling me about his struggles and the things that he had to overcome    even how some of them were passed down from his family.

But he didn’t stop at telling me not to do them, but instead – I remember him telling me in the sum of words – “Ben, I won those battles so that you don’t have to fight them.”   

To be honest, at the time I can’t say that it meant SO MUCH to me, because I wasn’t mature enough to realize what Dad was saying. Dad was saying that he was passing on to me new territory, new levels of growth, and new freedom from bondage.  Dad fought for me and my future  – so that I wouldn’t face the same battles. So I wouldn’t have to “refight” for something that I didn’t have to. Dad drew a blood line against the enemy – but he also took the time to tell me.

I believe that there are dreams and visions given to us that REQUIRE generations to complete.  But all to often we live in a way that builds our own kingdom instead of God’s or even our children.  I remember having a bible study on legacy where I asked the room of men about their relationship with God.  Specifically, about whether they would consider themselves a first GENERATION christian, or if it was passed on to them.  Sadly, more than 3/4 of the room raised their hands to be first generation christians.  To have to start over, to have to begin from the beginning…no generation should have to do that, but when we chose to live for ourselves… We are forcing those who follow after to…

Start over!

In the years since, I have found myself walking in levels of integrity that I cannot take credit for, areas of spiritual understanding that are not normal to my age or immaturity.  It was as if I was walking in the privileges of someone who had already plowed the ground.

I was…

I do…

What dad taught me that day, that I am still learning today, is that I can fight for my kids – I can battle things so that they will never have to.

I can win wars that give them new territory, and new levels.

I can start them in places of victory so that their inheritance is generational.

The fact is, we have an opportunity for our kids to hear… I already took care of that!

Thanks dad!


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