Today it hit me again, the battle that my dad is in. 

Hope …YES

Fear …yes

So my therapy today is to post up another way that MY DAD has changed my life.  I love you Dad!

One of my favorite phrases that I have ever heard from my dad was when he was challenging me with my finances.  I was fresh out of the military and going to school in Lake Charles but driving home to Deridder to stay the nights.  It was a LONG drive, but it allowed me to save money and plus I could be home with mom and dad.  During that season I was making some money, I was getting money from the military GI bill and attending church there in Lake Charles (Abundant Life Fellowship).

One day dad comes into my room and he asks me

“how are your finances are going?” 

I replied, “going ok.”

He then asked me – “Ben, are you tithing?”

Now in my house, I was taught that tithing was very simple – the first 10% in my home would go back to God.  This was always exampled by my parents and I had made a commitment to be that way for my household too.  Dad had taught me that if I am going to be a faithful believer, then I needed to believe the whole Word f God – including the tithe. 

My response: “Yeah Dad, most of the time I am”

His response was amazing, and classic dad.  I am not sure if he ever thought it ahead of time – but it was the BEST comeback that I have heard….

Dad: “Cool Ben, then you can stay here most of the time.”

He must have read my face, cause he followed up with the following

“Ben, if you are tithing half the time, then you can stay here 2 weeks a month.  Whenever you are not tithing, you will need to find another place to sleep cause our home and our household will follow God and be blessed.”

Me: “Ummm dad, I am going to be tithing 100% of the time”

Dad: “Good Ben, we like you staying here – but I want you to walk in God’s blessings more than anything else.”

I cannot think of any other time in my life that I have missed a tithe and it is because dad challenged me that my family walks in blessing.  We have been so overwhelmingly blessed if would blow your mind!  God is faithful, we just have to be faithful too in order to walk in His blessings!

Dad, I cannot think of a time when I needed something that I was afraid that you wouldn’t be there.  You have been confident in me when I have been questioning whether or not I was going to be good enough.  You have put up with my crazy attempts of inventing something (that wouldn’t work) knowing that I needed to learn something new.  You have always pushed me in ways that would challenge my walk with God and I am forever changed because of that!

I am sure that I will have more MY DAD moments, but wanted to be sure to put this one out there!