“Quit trying to make your weaknesses become your strengths.  You are going against the way that God has made you.  Instead – focus your time and energy into your strengths, and just manage your weaknesses” 

That quote was said to me by the great John Maxwell almost 10 years ago, and it has given me the freedom to GROW!

I’m Benjamin Stewart, and I love helping fellow Christian Leaders, Pastors, and Business Owners align with their best and God’s best. Through being a husband, a proud father of 9 kids, an entrepreneur, consultant, pastor, and former CEO – I have learned a lot about success and failure, being stressed and living the best version of your life.  

I was in a season where I felt stuck.  I am such a dreamer – and I had all these dreams for my organization, for my family, for myself.  Ideas, goals, hopes.. but if I was honest with myself, I wasn’t really achieving them. I remember feeling like days and years were passing and I wasn’t really being who I was called to be!

Have you ever felt like you are stuck? Ever felt like if you copied what you did today for 5 years, you would be exactly where you are now?

Everything changed when I finally DID something different…

Free Ideas, Inspiration, and Strategies for Getting out of Stuck, and into Growth

After being a CEO or Executive Leader and Pastor for almost 2 decades – I have seen and experience a lot.  So, every week I put out a video or blog about something I’ve learned concerning doing business, leading a church or simply personal growth. You can click on any of the top posts below and see how you can get out of stuck, and into growth.

Training OTHERS for a win

Training OTHERS for a win

Training OTHERS for a win What do we actually do with those whom we see potential.  We have an active role in leaders lives, simply by our dedication to their success.  It has to become part of your thinking to help them succeed. Training for a win.  I remember a...

Change: Are you in deep?

Change: Are you in deep?

Here it goes... Its the beginning of the year and if we are in our natural state of wanting to "improve" then we have been looking at what we need the most.  For some we have decided our health will finally be important, or at least important longer than it was last...

Finding our family

Finding our family

Ever want to just DO something as a family? Something that will make a difference, what will cause your kids to work together on a project? Well, let's just say that we jumped into something that I believe will work out the sanctification process in all of us - start...

Personal, Church and Business Growth Programs

 “Leadership is about recognizing that there’s a greatness in everyone, and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge.”  That quote is from Bill Campbell, the late Trillion Dollar Coach and an influence on what I believe to be the greatest model for coaching leadership.  If you want a coach that believes more in your dreams and goals than you do sometimes, let’s talk.

Need someone in your corner; believing in you, helping get the most of your God-given gifts, and achieving real goals?  Let’s connect!

Too many churches (and pastors) are struggling to know their unique ability in their own community.  After 20 years of leading in the church (from 500-5000)  I am blessed to help churches operate and fulfill their God-given assignments through a Church Growth Coaching proven system.  

Do you want to know that you are being a good steward of the dreams God has given your church, as well as start enjoying the call and gifts of each your staff members lives?  Let’s connect!


Imagine combining a complete business consultation with a Growth Coach for your executive team… I implement a very popular certification program with our business clients; working with the leadership team to champion the vision of the business, creating growth for the business, and instilling the best practices for a healthy staff and work culture. Additionally, I become the personal growth coach to the Executive of the business ensuring the success of the system and the leadership.

    Podcast: The Growth Coach (Get out of stuck and into growth)




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