High Performance Growth Coaching

Getting the best out of you, walking the best that God has for you, and seeing the best results!

Close your eyes and imagine – what would it be like to have someone in your life that believes in you.  Not just for what you have done, but who sees the gift in you, the dreams inside, and the God-given purpose for your life.

Now imagine that person keeping you on track, helping you make the best decisions for your goals, bringing the expertise of business and church experience simply for your success.  In other words, someone who believes in your purpose more than you do, sometimes.

That is what our coaching program is – the place of having me as your personal high-performance growth coach.  It all starts with an onboarding session

  • -Onboarding call
  • -Bi-monthly call/zoom (60-minute sessions)
  • -Downloadable app for your tracking
  • -Results in any area of your life (leadership, relationships, spiritual and physical



High-Performance Business Consulting

The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Implementing a Business Operating System

Undoubtedly the most significant tool made for businesses in this current culture.

If you are tired of division, unhealthy practices in your business, not having a handle on where you are on the path to your growth, silos in departments, overlapping visions and services, loss in revenue, employees and market position – then we need to have a quick conversation about EOS.

On the success side – if you are ready to feel free to dream, to have a work environment where employees are thankful for being part of your company then let’s sit down and talk.  This system will bring your company to the place of everything being in sync, and everyone finding their own unique ability.

Regardless of whether you self-implement EOS, engage a facilitator or head down a different path, there are some important lessons EOS can teach us about business:

  • Change is hard, but necessary. Especially in a season where we are facing a new way of having to do business (with an expected 30% of changes because of C-19 becoming common practice)

  • A vision that can be repeated. If we do not have a vision that is not just repeatable, but is the life line of the company – our employees will never reach the place of being “all-in”.  A clearly communicated and understood vision, as well as goals and action steps, is the core of what EOS brings to your organization.

  • Everyone hits the ceiling. It is a good sign when you find yourself at a “stuck” feeling – or a stalled out place.  We call this hitting the ceiling, and every business that grows has to be able to recognize this moment in the company and have a system in place to overcome it to new levels of success.

  • Unique Ability. Not just in the leadership, but in every role in the company – this opens the door for exponential creativity and highly exceeded expectations.  The way Gino Wickman teaches on how to set up your company with processes, data, people accountability, issue processing, and vision – you will find your team gaining traction!

If you want to know more, we can set up a quick call to talk about the best solution for you and your company.  Whether it is to hire me as your implementer or the advice to raise up a person on your team – I know that there is a solution that is best for you!

Growth Coaching for Churches

the Entrepreneurial Operating System for Non-Profits

After spending the better part of the last 20 years as an Executive/Senior Pastor – my heart goes out to the many churches that would benefit from operating under a single VISION and a healthy work environment.  So much so, that I have a discounted rate that I give churches so that they can afford to implement EOS.

Truth is, your mission is too critical and too important.  If there was any “business” that needs to implement Traction, it is the body of Christ and the local church.  God’s mission for your community is resting in your decisions, and the obedience to follow through.  Let me come alongside you and help you make that happen at a greater, more fun, less stressful way!

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