Sometimes (every time) you have to take the hit.

Is it fair? No
Were you wronged? Yes
But sometimes you have to take the hit for someone.
If we, being Christ-like
Being like Christ…

Cannot turn the other cheek?
Cannot humble ourselves to be meek?
We will never inherit the kingdom that we seek
We always have to say something…don’t we?

Or are we just pretending?
Are we just climbing up the ladder of leadership to the top just to be standing?

…Or did we forget that leadership gives up their seat
Leadership… leads
Leadership… bleeds
Leadership… dies

Dies for the opportunity to be the stepping stone of those who will never appreciate.
Dies for the opportunity of paying a price that others will never be able to pay.

And they may say – defend yourself, you have the right

We gave up our rightsright?

or did we…

See, the moment we saw him take our sin
The moment we realized that it was our wrongs that nailed Him
Shouldn’t we be fighting for them

instead of against Him?

Who are we anyways?

or better-
Whose are we anyways?

Do we want to parade under a title?

Do we want to prove our point, prove we are right?

Not anymore…

I want to learn from the master by learning how to take the hit.