Maturity isn’t seen in how much we can handle without it hurting us – it is seeing much we can sacrifice to help those who are hurting.

After reading too many Facebook posts about the Grammys and whether or not something was satanic or not. It had me realizing that we have allowed too much of our personal preferences to cloud the judgement of what honors God and what doesn’t.  Now, I think it is important to read this with the right mindset as I am going to dig in pretty deep.  I am going to expose even within myself the hypocrisy potential in speaking out about this.  So, pray for a minute then read on 🙂

It’s all over the Facebook world and internet about a particular artist’s performance at the Grammy’s.  I saw where some were saying that it felt demonic, and other’s saying how can someone say it is demonic when it’s just a performance.  Maybe the real question is whether I am honoring God in what I am doing? 

Is that show that I am watching, is that action I am doing, is my relationship with them… is it honoring God? 

Is my choice in entertainment allowing for MORE room for the Holy Spirit or squandering my soul to be satisfied with another source?  

Let me just share from a moment in my life where I had to determine for myself with whether or not I was honoring God with what I was doing. I remember when I was in college and I was really facing my relationship with God at new level.  Wanting Him to govern and lead me in EVERY area of my life; what I did, how I did things, what I watched, what I did for fun.  I truly wanted (and still want) God to reshape me in a way that was pleasing to him, and in a way that could do the most God for His kingdom.  I was on my way to the movie theater near the college campus (the cheap theater) to watch a new movie that had just come out – Gladiator.  Now, for those who know the movie, I’ve heard that it was a GREAT movie – but in this situation – I have never seen it.  Here is why… 

I was walking up the theater when the Holy Spirit started prompting me,

HS: are you willing to give up anything? 

ME: Well, yeah!

HS: Then don’t watch R-rated movies

ME: Ummm, I understand if there is nudity, or horror – but God, this movie supposedly only has violence and some cursing.

HS: Ok.

ME: Ok, as in go ahead and see the movie, or “ok” as in?

HS: Ok. If violence and cursing is ok, then ok.

ME: I think it’s ok – it’s not like I am doing it – I am just going to watch it.

I purchase my ticket and start to enter the theater when I get this sick feeling to my stomach – and suddenly I feel the words of ..

HS: I’m not going in there with you” 

ME: Wait, so if I go to see this movie I am on my own?

HS: I’m not going in there with you

ME: Well, I don’t want to go to anything that you won’t go to

HS: Then don’t go

I turned around and I walked away from that movie and I went home and cried before the Lord

I have many times thought to myself, “I’ll eventually mature enough that I can watch those things without them affecting me” – but to be honest, the more I mature, the more I don’t want to be entertained by R-rated movies, I don’t want to be entertained with a TV show that doesn’t honor God.  The more I mature in my walk with God, the more I don’t want to do anything that isn’t lifting His name.  

Why is that?

The more I hand my life and my preferences to God, the more fulfilled I feel, the more effective I become.  

Please understand, I am so far from perfect! And this is a journey that I am still learning from!

However, maybe the question isn’t whether the Grammy’s or the performances were evil.  It think it goes much deeper than the Grammy’s. And as damning as this may be, and as much as this will make me seem a little “weird”, let me just say – I don’t think the Grammy’s honor God. I don’t. It’s not like the Grammy’s were designed to bring God glory – they don’t claim to want to do that, and I don’t expect them to be.  So why be shocked at whatever goes on during them?  Let the Grammy’s be what they are 🙂

I think the only question is, “Am I honoring God with what I am watching”?

As long as we can say yes, then enjoy!

See, maturity isn’t seen in how much we can handle without it hurting us – it is seeing much we can sacrifice to help those who are hurting.