Training OTHERS for a win

What do we actually do with those whom we see potential.  We have an active role in leaders lives, simply by our dedication to their success.  It has to become part of your thinking to help them succeed.

Training for a win. 

I remember a season where God said to me “The more you know, the more I can use you.”  When we are looking to help others succeed and grow, one of the areas is to train them what they should do

  • Get simple – start with their time with God.  Encourage them to dive into the Word deeper.  Every success is made life-lasting when it is surrounded by the Word.  Every success that is done outside of God loses it’s effectiveness.
  • Accountability – we all know that as humans we are really good at making resolutions at the beginning of the year.  It is also known that most resolutions last 17 days.  Why?  Accountability.  Look at ways that you can hold them accountable.  How can you be invested in their future, sometimes more than they are!
  • Encourage – When you have a personal trainer, they are giving you the simple exercises, they are setting up a point of accountability, and they are encouraging you to keep going.  Be someone’s biggest support, don’t hold off on the encouragement.

I know it can be daunting, but our lives are not our own.  We have been bought with a price, let’s make it a great purchase 🙂  Take the time to get them on the right track (get simple), keep them on the right track (accountability) and give them some fuel (encouragement).