Who Doesn’t Want to Make Money Promoting on Social Media?

I just got back from one of the BEST homeschool conferences that we have ever been too!
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Rhea and her friends brought us sooo many great tools on how we can make money from home and teach our kids how to have their own businesses.  We have started our path and are looking to continue to “replace” our income.  But in the process of thinking “outside of the box” I wanted to get this SIMPLE tool out there that I have stumbled onto.
Social media – HUGE opportunity – but there are also major privacy things going on with it
So, how do we do both?  Well, here comes the next controllable social network – make your own feeds, choose what levels of your profile are available in business relationships or in family relationships.   You can actually do both!!!
You can overlap them if you choose.
With WebTalk your contacts are completely customizable.
This is an incredible benefit
There are many features and a HUGE opportunity for you to earn commissions AND use what could become the best interconnecting platform on the web – especially for controlling the content that you want to see!  Check out the video below and see why I think this could be the NEXT best thing out there for you and your family.
It is worth your time.

 If you spend any amount of time on Facebook at all you will find yourself often inundated with advertisements, promotions, and offers. After all who doesn’t want to make money promoting on social media? Right? Well the God’s honest truth is that there are many who have no interest in making money online and only want to enjoy the social experience. That’s true.

This is also why many people have become disillusioned by Facebook, and the like, and have either begun bailing altogether or have found other options. In addition there are those who get fed up on LinkedIn when people begin to treat it like a purely social platform. There are two dilemmas at play here. Advertising on Facebook creates distaste for the platform. And social posts on Linked in are ‘out of place’ as many would say. They do not really belong there.
There is an additional problem when you use Facebook for both personal and business connections. There are the potentially embarasing moments when you post something that you would not really share with your supervisors, managers, or co-workers. Of course there is a bit of an overlap where long-time employees actually develop friendships in the workplace. This is the hope of every employer I hope. People that feel connected tend to stay longer.  So how do you make money on social media without causing a rift between you and your profile followers? Very carefully. Very intentionally. And very specifically.
Join me here!

Make Money Online while Making Friends

There is a way. Even if you never had any intention of making money online. There is a way that you can make money promoting on social media and still stay true to your original goals. You do not have to run out and find a product to promote. As I said, many people have no interest in that at all. So how do you do it? You do it by promoting the social media platform called WebTalk. You don’t necesarily have to make money promoting ON social mediabecause you WILL do it simply promoting the social media platform with your friends, coworkers, and family. But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of keeping things separate. No. With WebTalk you can do it all.
Make Money Promoting on Social MediaWebtalk is making waves. They are going to make a huge impact on the way we see social media and they are going to make huge dents in both Facebook and in LinkedIn. In my humble opinion.
Why do I say this? There are several reasons.
privacy-codeFirst, You can keep private and personal things private and personal.  The privacy settings are super specific so you can pick personal posts and the TYPE of personal posts they are. For friends. Or include people that you just met! Or for family only. You can select professional posts and the TYPE of professional posts that they are. Contacts. Prospects. Associates. Advertising or Team building. And you choose the categories that you place people into. They can be super isolated contacts if they are not determined legit or friendly yet. Or they can overlap. You choose the type for each contact. You have the opportunity to be intentional about your relationships online and your communications.
Let’s say for instance that you have several people in a Bible study group that you wish to keep separate from your business professional friends. You can do that. And let’s say that some of your business professional friends would actually want to see your spiritually edifying posts.How YOU can Make Money Promoting on Social Media
So I started by suggesting that many do not care about making money online and they just want the social experience. Then I talked about the problems with focused platforms; social or business. The video does a good job showing how you can have both on one platform and actually make money, a lot of money, by sharing it.
If there is anything that I have learned about making money over the years is that it usually takes time. But you have to have the vision and foresight to be able to act on opportunity. How many people would not have wanted to be in Zuckerman’s dorm room the day he presented his Face-thing idea? How many people would not have wanted to be one of the very first persons to play around with the Bitcoin thing? How many people do you think will kick themselves in the future for not jumping on this WebTalk idea? there will be many. Don’t be among them.
I suspect you have read this far either because you like me and you wanted to hear me out, or because you trust me and you wanted to hear me out, or because you do indeed see the value in what I am talking about.
Making money takes time. Online it is no difference. Now I have online businesses that are making me money weekly that did not take very long to get rolling but I cannot tell you how quickly you can earn from this particular opportunity.
I cannot even assure you that they will go the test of time. But they have every making of a sound business plan and every signal of a great opportunity. I do hope you will join me. It is FREE to sign up so you’re not out anything if it doesn’t produce. And you gain a whole lot more by being able to separate your contacts more specifically tthan any other platform allows.

Make Money Promoting on Social Media by Promoting WebTalk!

Did you watch the video? Did you catch that WebTalk will pay you at multiple levels fro your referals, and their referals after them, and their referals after them, and so on? The size that this sort of generous compensation plan can grow to is huge. And you are not building a MLM business. You are not developing Teams. You are simply sharing an opportunity. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Will you join me promoting WebTalk?
If you have decided to please let me know below. If you have not and are intrigued you can let me know that as well. I love your feedback and comments. I will respond as quickly as my online time allows. IF you have indeed decided to join WebTalk then connect with me there as well.
Kind regards to you!